Simon Fraser University is Known to Have the Highest Suicide Rate

Simon Fraser University, ranked by respected national survey is one of Canada’s top 3 comprehensive universities for almost 20 years. More specifically it is located at the Burnaby Mountain where is really closed to the place I live. As an international student like me, for some reason I am not qualified to study at SFU at present, but at least spend an afternoon to walk around in the campus is a must. Yesterday, my Canadian friend told me that SFU is generally known to have one of the highest suicide rates of any Canadian universities when I talked about my visit there.

First, it is basically believed that the high suicide rate is due to the unpleasant weather in Vancouver. More specifically, the winter season lasts about six months which starts from October to March. During the winter days, it rains from time to time, lasts for 3 days, or 3 weeks, or even 3 months. In addition, SFU is atop of the Burnaby Mountain, a bit far away from the sea, which makes the winter raining day even worse, cloudy and foggy. Student would be get gloomy and depressed as a result of long time lack of sunshine.

A different explanation of this high suicide rates connects to the depressing architecture, which was designed in 20th by Arthur Erickson. The excessive concrete was used in the main architectural center – academic quadrangle, even some people blamed this structure like a prison make students feel depressed and inspire them to suicide.

Finally, the high suicide rates contribute to student’s study pressure. As I know, the admission standard of SFU is quite high. For example, if a candidate tries to apply for SFU, his /her IELTS should be with a minimum overall score of 7 with no part less than 6.5. What’s more, the average for admission has ranged to a 3.5 GPA because of the admission is competitive. We can clearly see that for every student of SFU they are facing a great pressure of study. The university students would be in depression and feel a sense of worthlessness if they failed to strike a balance between learning and life.

In brief, there are 3 main reasons lead to SFU have the highest suicide rates than any other universities in Canada.


3 thoughts on “Simon Fraser University is Known to Have the Highest Suicide Rate

  1. nhamdali says:

    This is a great essay, Zoe. It’s well-developed. You’re off to a good start. Keep on practicing, and you’ll do just fine. 🙂

    • zoesheng08 says:

      Hi Novi,
      Thanks for your encouraging words.
      Actually, I spent more than one hour to write a short article or essay after class, that’s terrilbe.
      Therefore I should keep writing in order to improve my writing.
      I really appreciate what you have done and will do for me.


      • nhamdali says:

        Don’t give up, Zoe. You’re on the right track! I’m glad you’re in my class because a good student like you is always nice to have in class.


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